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NetworkBD Demo Results

Click on Ranking to view the final ranking of "influencer" investors to focus your team's fundraising efforts.

Click on Network Map to view an interactive network map of the relationships and connections between existing and prospective investors.


Ranking of "influencer" investors to prioritize and focus your outreach and fundraising efforts. NetworkBD Rank is based on the outcomes of over 10,000 advanced simulations, taking into account the Ideal Investor Profile Score and Network Connection Score of network relationships with other investors, detailed in the Network Map.

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Network Map

Interactive map of how investors are connected to each other through co-investments based on Crunchbase, Pitchbook, and other data sources, as well as connections via LinkedIn. Stronger connections between investors are represented by thicker lines in the map.

Best viewed on a desktop browser

Use mouse and mousewheel to drag and zoom.
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Click on a node or connection to see more details.

Details of Selected Company or Relationship